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Space Selfies by LunarBTR Space Selfies :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 14 0 Hey little one! {request} by LunarBTR Hey little one! {request} :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 9 2 ''Nice smile'' by LunarBTR ''Nice smile'' :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 9 2 ''You want something boi?'' by LunarBTR ''You want something boi?'' :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 10 14 Kymiliane {request} by LunarBTR Kymiliane {request} :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 9 12 Kuroo Tetsurou is moving!! by LunarBTR Kuroo Tetsurou is moving!! :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 6 3 Virus {Request} by LunarBTR Virus {Request} :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 10 45 Guess who'' by LunarBTR Guess who'' :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 7 8 Dart {request} by LunarBTR Dart {request} :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 8 3 Famine {request} by LunarBTR Famine {request} :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 12 8 Sketch on desk- by LunarBTR Sketch on desk- :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 2 0 ''Dragon head'' by LunarBTR ''Dragon head'' :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 6 8 ''Just a nice pic'' by LunarBTR ''Just a nice pic'' :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 4 0 Karasuno Captain by LunarBTR Karasuno Captain :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 4 4 Derp Herp! by LunarBTR Derp Herp! :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 13 24 Kuroo Tetsurou by LunarBTR Kuroo Tetsurou :iconlunarbtr:LunarBTR 7 6


DotW: Alarion by BrainJoshed DotW: Alarion :iconbrainjoshed:BrainJoshed 127 93 Tetsurou Kuroo layout ver. 6.0 by notmi Tetsurou Kuroo layout ver. 6.0 :iconnotmi:notmi 40 9 Kuroo Tetsurou layout by notmi Kuroo Tetsurou layout :iconnotmi:notmi 51 7 Kuroo Tetsurou layout by notmi Kuroo Tetsurou layout :iconnotmi:notmi 31 2
Kuroo x Reader | Crossroads (1)
5 years old
The first time Kuroo met (Y/N) was in preschool.  He was a year ahead of her.  He saw her crying as an elderly woman who he assumed to be her grandmother tries to explain to her that they will be coming back for her at the end of the day.  It was typical for most children who will be attending school for the first time to have separation anxiety on the first day, so it was not a new sight around here.  He had walked past her, noting how tall the younger student was, which made Kuroo feel a bit insecure.  He was the boy, why was he not the taller one?
As days passed by, he noticed how this new girl would try to fit in with the smaller kids from her class, but in the end everyone would walk away from her because she was too good in skipping rope or that monkey bars were easier for her because she could reach higher.  Eventually, her classmates refused to play with her because they were afraid that she would step on them and crush them with
:iconmydeadlylover:mydeadlylover 37 4
Flying Sparks by Liimesquares Flying Sparks :iconliimesquares:Liimesquares 153 19
Kuroo Tetsurou - Worth The Wait
→ Kuroo Tetsurō x Reader.
→ Word count : 5.060
→ I’m not a native speaker so I hope you’ll forgive any of my stupid mistakes.
→ Read the description I guess ?
Her weekends were all the same. She came back to Tokyo by train, exhausted from her four days of uni -even more from her sleepless nights spent on Netflix while Skyping Kenma (she was nineteen years old but apparently still needed her mom to tell her to go to sleep and take her devices away). She used her long weekends to sleep, sleep, relish in not having to worry about cooking, cleaning or having to shop for groceries, sleep, eat and more importantly see the friends she left behind and missed as hell. Why did she choose to graduate in the only subject that was not a part of Tokyo University’s classes again ?
On this particular day though, she changed her plans. She passed on being lazy and woke up early to eat lunch at a relative’s. It’s been too long since she last saw
:iconeunbiased:EunBiased 12 3
Impressive Title Servers | [Updated on 5/11/18]
Please note, that from now on, I will ONLY be taking SOLID FACTS to add to the Pro's and Con's list. I won't add things that are based on player perspective or opinion. That is between you, the player and the mods/admins of the forum and server.
This is a compiled list of all the servers that I could find that were functional and had game that you could access and play. The more famous active servers will be first. I will also tell their pro's and cons, so you may be prepared ahead of time what they are like. I may add a list in future of the servers that are under construction and will be available to be played eventually. It will be Server Name, Status, Pros, Cons
:bulletgreen: = Online
:bulletorange: = Updating/Down for Maintenance
:bulletred: = Offline
:bulletred: Impressive World - Offline
:iconunio-mentium:Unio-Mentium 241 960
Headshot: red by Remarin Headshot: red :iconremarin:Remarin 3,557 72 BS WoW Campfire mesh pack nr1. by BurnSightFH BS WoW Campfire mesh pack nr1. :iconburnsightfh:BurnSightFH 108 15
battle|kuroo tetsurou

kuroo tetsurou x reader

gender : female
warnings : alcohol and mild sexual content
Did a one night stand count if you knew each other?
A shirtless Kuroo,
A bottle of wine,
A condom.
You would never have imagined the scenario unfolding in front of your eyes at the moment. 
You never liked Kuroo in that sense, and you were sure that he didn't either. 
Then why were you both doing this?
You felt his muscular body push you against the wall, his nimble fingers playing with the button of your jeans.

You don't want this
, you thought.
You don't need this, you thought.
But you found yourself tugging off your shirt so he could kiss you on the parts of you it concealed, 
                                  leading his hands to the hook of your bra so as to get down to business faster,
:iconkagamichhi:Kagamichhi 30 14
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader (A Lazy Summer Afternoon)

Okay just so we're clear, you're not naked in this fic you're wearing a bikini and he is wearing his bathing suit.. I'm writing this just to make sure there is absolutely NO confusion...  but heck if you feel like you want your character to be naked I guess go ahead it's still ambiguous enough to do so and hey it is your story.... Just don't go saying there's mature subject in here... I guess I could warn you he mentions sex at the end but I don't think it counts.
/Anyway/ ... enjoy :)
It felt good. The air around you was warm, the soft blowing of the wind was enough to cool you from the afternoon heat without chilling you completely, tickling your skin gently as it wrapped you in a cocoon of warmth. You sighed softly, floating in a state of semi-consciousness brought on by your afternoon nap. Gently hanging between the world of dreams and reality, you floated in warm sunlight and
:iconhanyayume:HaNyaYume 52 8
SC:. Jhalyn by Remarin SC:. Jhalyn :iconremarin:Remarin 716 13 Flame of the Guardian by Liimesquares Flame of the Guardian :iconliimesquares:Liimesquares 277 36 Moya Pustelya by RonnieSmith98 Moya Pustelya :iconronniesmith98:RonnieSmith98 10 2
Laser Tag and Mischief- Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
    As Nekoma manager, you were expected to go to team bonding events, even if you were the only girl. Not that you had any complaints. You were close with everyone on the team, so it was one of your favorite things about volleyball season. A few days ago, Yamamoto suggested laser tag, and that was where you were going right now. Waltzing down the sidewalk, you glance around at the buildings and shops lining the streets. It was a really nice day today. A few clouds dotted the blue sky. A breeze cooled the air to a nice temperature as it ruffled your hair.
    "(Y/N)!" You hear a shout behind you. Before you even have the time to turn around, an arm is slung around your shoulder and none other than Kuroo Testurou is at your side. He matches your pace almost immediately. Even after sprinting down the street, there were no signs of him being out of breath. He grins down at you.
    "Hi, Kuroo," you smile. You were a street or two away from the laser tag place
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 41 4



Space Selfies
3rd season is OUT!! YASSS!!! FINALLY <333 Just started watching the 3rd season of Voltron L.D and it is sooooooo goooood so far x3 Cant wait to see all the episodes cx
For now, have a smexy Lance pic xD

Voltron Legendary Defender© Netflix/ Dreamworks
Hey little one! {request}
Another request for Royal Ukyo on Cerela Soup. Hope ya like it^^

Ask my permission if you want to use it somewhere, thanks^^

Art(c) me
Royal Ukyo(c) Royal Ukyo
''Nice smile''
And yes! Another one is finally done^^ This time is a commission by Meimorie
That was the first time I put my ass down and worked so much on shading X.x Hope ya like it gurl ^^ And btw, if you want the no-shade version, feel free to sent me a note and I'll sent it to you c:

Ask Meimorie 's permission if you want to use it somewhere, thanks

Art (c) me
Daedalus (c) Meimorie 
''You want something boi?''
A request/gift for donniewerewolf4 of their char Sia^^ Tbh, it was fun making it in the beginning, but then I had some problems with always xD
Hope you like it tho <333 and if you don't like the shading, don't be shy and feel free to tell me to send you the plain one with no shades^^

Ask donniewerewolf4 's permission if you want to use it somewhere, thanks c:

Art(c) me
Sia(c) donniewerewolf4


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